Evaluation of the biomass incineration plant Schongau-Altenstadt compendium about the technical requirements and recommodations for the incineration of animal bones, bone meal and tallow in incineration plants Expert opinions on the impact of the recent rulings of the european Court of Justice
Independent Expert Chief Engineer
consultancy services for the technical and legal aspects regarding approval procedure Recovery of waste in waste incineration plants Critical Examination solutions for environmental problems
Filtering flue gases
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thermal waste incineration
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updated on 18-05-2005

consultancy services

In brief:

We focus on providing consultancy services for plant operators and authorities alike. We find solutions to environmental problems in general and offer support for process selection, planning, approval, construction, commissioning and inspections of plants for waste treatment and generation of electricity and heat.

Since the end of my over 20 years in managerial position at Goepfert, Reimer & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (GRP) in Hamburg in 1994 I was the sole acting partner of DR.-ING-A.NOTTRODT GMBH until the mid of 2004. Since Juli, 1st, 2004 I continuing the activities of the company under my own name.

My clients are plant Constructors, private and communal plant Operators, public Authorities for Approval- and Licensing as well as Departments of the federal states and the Federation in Germany with their sectorial planning agencies on environmental affairs.

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